What an A-MA-ZING Fathers Day event!

What an A-MA-ZING Fathers Day event! 🔥
Luis Tavares, 6-time kickboxing champion, gave children and fathers an unforgettable Saturday afternoon. 🙏💛

The children were excited, happy and curious beforehand. The tension was palpable. Their hero; Luis Tavares was there, right in front of them. And not only that; they were allowed to ask questions in the special seat next to Luis. After the question round everyone was welcome to be photographed in the boxing ring as well! 🥊

These children come from families who often have a little more difficulties than the average population. But today these children have a very special story to tell at school. Who can say they met a world champion with their father?

You will never forget the smiling faces, the joy and admiration in their eyes and the grateful words of their fathers. This was truly amazing! 💛