Ambassadors of Everyday People

The Everyday People foundation is there to support ordinary people with unusual struggles.

Our Ambassadors

Everyday People’s ambassadors are committed to carrying out as many projects as possible.

Henk Fraser

Henk Fraser

Head Coach of Sparta Rotterdam

As an ambassador of the Everyday People Foundation, I can now really mean something to my fellow man. Lately I have started to think more: what have I actually done for society and for my fellow man? You do a number of things to make others feel better, but in the end, you do it for yourself, so that you can feel better about yourself.. I speak for myself in this, but I see everything that happens around me. I cannot give a value based judgment on another. You’re always busy with delivering the expected and working, which could be an excuse, because we grow up in a world where a lot is demanded of you.
By supporting the Everyday People Foundation, I feel closer to people again.

Hans Gorree

Wim Wisse

Association Consultant Rotterdam Sportsupport

Because of my work in Rotterdam South – called power neighbourhoods – and my side activities in, among others, the Sophia Children’s Hospital, I saw and see many things that continue to shock me. Things that are no longer possible in our country. My motto is “Improve the world and start with yourself.” Once in contact with Asha Lachman and the Everyday People Foundation, I immediately saw many great opportunities to actually improve that world! To start in our city Rotjeknor (Rotterdamish slang for Rotterdam) is a great and beautiful challenge. It is therefore “A Once In a Lifetime Opportunity” to WORK together with a team of great volunteers to provide the world a little bit more sunshine.

To me, underprivileged means OPPORTUNITY! Let’s do It! YNWA.

Anwer El Ghazi

Anwar El Ghazi

International Professional Soccer player

I am proud to be an ambassador of the Everyday People Foundation. I think it is very important to support our fellow man. In any way or form. Especially when in difficult times it’s important not to give up. To just keep going. I can find this mentality in this foundation. They are there for those in need. Everything they do is done with a lot of love and joy. I hope you will support the foundation as I do.

Luis Tavares

Luis Tavares

6-time world champion kickboxing

My parents did not always have money to spare, but I was raised in a loving and caring manner. I know what it’s like to not always get what you want. I know what it’s like to have to work hard for things you want. When I came into contact with the Everyday People foundation, I immediately knew: “I want to help vulnerable children!” Children who, for whatever reason, have a bit more trouble in life. I want to motivate and stimulate children to do something with their talent(s)! Vulnerable children are at a disadvantage, but with a little help they can make all their dreams come true.

Emile van der Linde

Owner of the occupational health and safety services; GOED en HELD

I am proud to be an ambassador for Everyday People. This foundation understands and brings my motto alive: “A day without chance is a day without shine.” They look at the actual person hiding behind all the bad luck they’ve had and bad decisions they’ve made. They look at the person themselves. They encourage people like you and me who have been unlucky somewhere along the way of using their talents and possibilities. They do it in such a selfless manner that it inspires and enthuses. A nice group of volunteers who are able to deliver twinkles in many eyes, every day. I wholeheartedly contribute to this.

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