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The Everyday People foundation is there to support ordinary people with unusual struggles.

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Everyday People foundation is there to support people like me and you. For example: lonesome elders that have been unattended, feeble children who have no one to play with, homeless people who are treated as if they’re not humans. We help these people. Our mindset insinuates that everyone on this very planet matters. Every child deserves to have the opportunity to play with friends, all elders deserve attention, and every homeless person is allowed to feel human. Will you help us?

Wim Hof The Iceman


Wim Hof
The Iceman

I want to let everyone know that homeless people are not just poor. I want to show their wealth. They have been through a lot and are rich in spirit. I think they can promote the psychological well-being of people who do have a home. Yes, why not? Really, I see homeless people as the therapists of the future.

Together with the Everyday People Foundation I will work on the future for this forgotten target group!

Wim Hof The Iceman
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John’s story

John is 29 years old and ‘resides’ in Almelo. Since September 2019 he has been living on the streets. A few weeks prior to this interview, he became a father. He still hasn’t seen the newborn. This is a choice he himself made, because – for him – it’ll be much harder to say ‘goodbye’ whilst not knowing when he’ll see the child again.

He wanted to start a business regarding furniture. He financed and invested mostly by himself, but the money that had to come for the banks, never arrived, which left John with debts. This escalated, which led to him seeking shelter with friends and family, until he wasn’t welcome anymore.

everyday John portrait



You are worth gold (A dutch expression used to express feelings of care and appreciation), but you obviously know various people worth gold as well. Show them you care about them by purchasing merchandise in our online store. With every purchase, a fair share of the profits go straight to us. With your purchase we can continue to help the kids, elders, homeless and all the other people in need. Your purchase is worth gold!

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Asha Lachman

The Everyday People foundation helps EVERYONE in need. Elderly people, Feeble children, and forgotten homeless people have our main focus.

What is it that we do? The better question would be; What don’t we do? We organize trips for kids that due to complications can’t enjoy a fun day out. Eating pancakes with the little ones, bringing over delicate flowers to lonesome elders, or a sporty event with your sports idol: you name it, we organize it!

How about our annual Christmas dinner with the homeless people? Culinary expert Herman den Blijker coddles homeless people on christmas and Kingsday. People who normally get frowned upon, are now getting a full on 5 starred meal. Our mindset insinuates that; everyone is human, and so everyone deserves to be treated likewise. We love to help people in practical and active ways. Your age, ethnicity, or anything else, it does not matter.

We are looking for partners, contributors, and volunteers. Feel free to keep on scrolling through our website to inform yourself. You’ll come across all of our projects, our online store, our ambassadors, and our hardworking team. We can’t do it alone… together we can! Your contribution is most welcome.

Will you help us?

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The Everyday People foundation is there to support ordinary people with unusual struggles.