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The Everyday People foundation is there to support ordinary people with unusual struggles.

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Sponsor Everyday People with your business

Would you like to sponsor Everyday People with your business? Not only will you show your social-cultural involvement, but you’ll also help the people and need, plus you’ll employees will feel a sense of meaning when working.

Especially when sponsoring local projects, you’ll enhance the positivity within your business. Making elderly people feel less lonely with your colleagues, serve a nice dinner for homeless people, help feeble children gain a sense of belonging, or simply donate. There are many ways to help.

We’d love to create a feeling of connectedness within your business. Bowling is fun, but helping people together is something that will stick with you. An experience like that is worth so much.

Would you rather donate money whilst working on building up a name for yourself? That’s possible too. You can choose a sponsor deal, varying from €50 to €5000. For every business is a suitable price.

Any questions about sponsoring us? Contact Marten! Send an email to: or message (06) 26 25 12 45.