An apple a day brings every kid a smile everyday

Okay, okay, we probably won’t be world champion poets with our rhymes 😉. But we do know
how we can give kids a SUPER FUN day.

The children of group 5 (Third grade US) of the Queen Wilhelmina School in Rotterdam went to
an apple orchard. The beautiful ‘De Olmenhorst’ in Lissebroek. What a joy the children had. It
was an educational and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Of course we learned how apples grow and what goodies you can make with these fruits. But
there was also plenty of time to play outside.

And the biggest surprise?

That was the arrival of Luis Tavares. This friendly giant is a 6 time world champion in
kickboxing, ambassador of EP, and is committed to giving children a great day. Luis is our hero!

After a beautiful day, the kids received a golden bag packed with goodies and gifts. It was a
wonderful, successful day and everyone enjoyed it to the fullest… including the teachers!