🎄Christmas Dinner 100 Homeless 🎄

100 homeless people will also receive a homeless dinner in 2020.

Things looked bleak for our annual homeless dinner. 100 people in 1 place, that is going to be too much risk of infection. However, homeless people, corona or no corona, still need a place to sleep and eat. They often sleep and eat in the shelter in winter.

Fortunately, with some inventiveness and help from sponsors and volunteers, we can still have a safe and pleasant Christmas dinner. 🎉

The homeless people are given a delicious starter and homemade chicken from the oven at 3 shelter locations. All this provided by Dennis van den Berg’s restaurant JACK Rotterdam.
The dessert: cheesecake in a festive cup, is provided by CakeVana❣️

After dinner everyone gets a cool goodie bag, because we want to continue that tradition as well. In short: it is different this year, on a smaller scale, but this year we are also organizing a festive homeless dinner in Rotterdam in compliance with all RIVM guidelines. Fantastic, right? 💛

We are very happy to be able to do this and thank everyone who contributed to this. 🥰

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