Milan (3) fights against a deadly illness NPC

As is known from our previous reports, we are in contact with the sweet boy Milan, 3 years old. Milan has been diagnosed with a terrible disease also known as “Child Alzheimer’s”. Children with this disease eventually forget all their skills and die at a much too early age.

Milan his parents, Arne and Kim are now doing everything they can to get to Chicago as soon as possible, where they can start treatment. Unfortunately, this is not easy at the moment as President Donald Trump keeps all the borders of America shut.

Today we were allowed to put a smile on everyone’s face! We gave Milan a real boy’s dream.

Your own Mercedes! What boy doesn’t want his own car at this age?! And also one that not only makes noise but can also drive itself.

We have seen Milan dance and laugh with joy. It was a pleasure to make him happy!

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