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Thessa and Britt, twins that struggle with many limitations due to their handicaps. They suffer from a severe illness, in which the future doesn’t look bright.

They have no friends, they are constantly surrounded by four walls, either in their own house or in the hospital.

Will you brighten up their day, by sending them a nice little card?

Thessa and Britt entered Wim Wisse’s life as a result of his job in the Sophia children’s hospital. “They were born too quickly, which led to them not having well functioning organs and many other physical disabilities. Never a lollipop nor chocolate. Their situation is hopeless. Last year we were able to do some nice things; we went to a K3 concert, and we also went to a princess day. However, they’re too sick now. Those days out aren’t possible anymore. They’re too sick to go anywhere.

Asha Lachman, Wim Wisse and everyone from the Everyday People foundation would greatly appreciate it if you would send a card to these two beautiful girls.

We will be the one to personally deliver them to the girls.

Lets let these girls know they are not alone in this world.

Send a card prior to the second of April 2020

Thessa and Britt

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