Winter BBQ Contest

Everyday People will organize a spectaculair BBQ contest on March 15th

The Everyday People foundation and François Geurds will organize a BBQ contest for the homeless people of Rotterdam. What is so special about this competition? Well, Grillmasters are the one participating, the homeless watch and enjoy!

Chairman of this exciting BBQ contest is the fascinating chef François Geurds. This two starred chef is the most qualified chef to judge the smell, taste and presentation of a dish.

Besides the homeless people enjoying a delicious meal, they’ll also receive a haircut and a shave. The organisation,, will provide these.

This BBQ contest is also made thanks to Verstegen, BIg Green EGG, Foodlabs, and Ofyr. We greatly appreciate it!

Where is it held? Katshoek 41 in Rotterdam

We are very excited for this culinary event!

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