150 Diwali packages


The Everyday People Foundation takes on the battle with loneliness

On November 13, the Everyday People Foundation will distribute 150 packages to Hindustani elderly in their fight against loneliness. In this way the foundation tries to bring some light into these dark days. On November 14 it is the Diwali party (festival of lights).

Loneliness is a major problem, especially among the elderly. The pandemic only increases this problem, due to family members not being allowed to visit. And especially holidays make elderly feel extra lonely. Some even feel forgotten or unnecessary, especially if they don’t understand why they can’t be near their family. Loneliness is a sad thing and Everyday People Foundation has been fighting against this for years. For Hindustani Dutch people the Diwali party (Feast of Lights) is one of the highlights of the year. What do Hindus do during this important celebration? Making and sharing sweets together and praying to the goddess Lakshmi. Celebrating the victory of the Good (the light) over the Evil. A traditional clay-baked lamp is lit, hence the (Dutch) name ‘Lichtjesfeest’. But most important of all: with this festival Hindus celebrate their connection with each other. This year the party for Hindustani elderly threatens to turn into a disappointment, but The Everyday People Foundation will not let that happen. Entrepreneurs and private individuals have donated 150 gift packages full of goodies. Volunteers from the Foundation have compiled this and will deliver it personally to a number of Hindustani nursing homes in The Hague on 13 November. The package contains: incense, a ghee lamp, a sweetbox full of goodies, a map, and the EP magazine. The goodies will be eaten together after lighting the light on November 14, so all the elderly can celebrate Diwali together. “Loneliness is a serious problem, just as serious as corona itself. It can isolate people and make them feel like they don’t matter. The Everyday People Foundation believes that everyone matters and has, among other things, combating loneliness as an important goal. Whether you are homeless, less financially stable or elderly, everyone deserves to feel connected. We wish all Hindus a wonderful Diwali party and all people a feeling of light and connectedness”, says Asha Lachman, the founder of the Everyday People foundation.

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